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TN 406 May 2021 Update

TN406 Logo

Dear Ministry Supporters,

Elizabeth and I are thrilled to announce that we received our confirmation letter from the IRS; True North 406 Ministries is officially a non-profit organization! The Lord continues to confirm our calling as he smooths the way for all the details to come together. Our bookkeeper is working on setting up a new system for processing TN406 monthly support. We will reach out to share details once it is finalized.

Additionally, Elizabeth resigned from her position at FFF Enterprises last month and is now our full-time Executive Director! She is developing a uniform presentation of TN406 on the website and social media, identifying potential fundraising sources, representing TN406 at ministry events to introduce the ministry to pastors, and meeting with many women one on one for counseling and piloting a Women's Story Group.

Last month, we had the privilege to teach for the Living Waters pilot team at River of Life Church in Missoula, MT, led by Jen and Carl Thorne. Jen has pioneered Living Waters in Missoula, and we have had the privilege to coach and mentor her. We taught "The True Self Unites with God in Weakness and Overcomes Narcissism" and spent a good portion of our time answering their questions from A-Z about their Living Waters start-up. Their team of ten (pictured below) will begin their first session of Living Waters on September 21st.

In August, we will be a part of a conference for the state of Montana called "Flourishing Together." We have been invited to speak on marriage as a living foreshadowing of the marriage supper of the Lamb. The conference will be held at River of Life Church in East Missoula, August 13-14th. We are very honored to have the opportunity to unpack the genuine sacred mystery of marriage.

While Elizabeth and I were in Coeur de Alene, Idaho, for the MFI Regional Pastors Conference with our Hope Church pastoral team, we met with Pastor Bub Lawson of Northern Lakes Bible Church Hayden, ID. One of Pastor Bub's members attended our last session of Living Waters at Hope, and because of the transformation he witnessed in this member's life, he wanted to learn more about the ministry. Pastor Bub has a true shepherd's heart for the broken-hearted and has the vision to see healing in the lives of God's children. He and his wife will be coming up to Kalispell this summer, allowing Elizabeth and me to cast a vision for Living Waters. We will also explain how True North 406 Ministries is a resource for leaders and other pastors seeking counsel and practical tools to equip the local church.

Finally, we have scheduled three Living Water's trainings this summer for our staff. We are excited to welcome six new staff members and have 19 committed staff members, eight men and 11 women. We start our Living Waters at Hope Church Monday, September 20. Many men and women have already said they will participate in our upcoming session, which testifies to this program’s transformational impact. We are limited to 28 participants to keep our small group to 4 participants, allowing for more listening prayer.

Prayer Requests:

· Website, social media presentation.

· Strategic development for TN406

· Protection as we travel and speak.

· Protection of daily spiritual warfare

· Living Waters Training

· Family- time with immediate and extended.

· Provision for a second car.

We celebrate and stand in awe of God's faithfulness and your faithful commitment! Thank you for empowering us to make a difference in the lives of those seeking wholeness and transformation in Jesus' name.

Love and gratitude,

David & Elizabeth


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