About the Ministry

TrueNorth 406 Ministries

Our Mission

The Mission of TrueNorth 406 Ministries is to foster safe places of true healing and restoration within the Church. We consult with pastoral leaders to create structured models that support a church-based healing culture. Additionally, we offer individual, couples and group coaching, and personal pastoral care for those in crises.

Our Vision

TrueNorth 406 Ministries exists to engage the needs of those struggling with relational and sexual brokenness in order to bring hope and healing to individuals, marriages, families, and church communities. We facilitate life-changing transformation based on the Biblical foundations of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God. Our goal is to equip and partner with the local church to provide consultation, resources, and models for integrated wholeness, which include sharing life stories, inner healing, and spiritual warfare. 


True North 406 offers pastoral counseling for individuals and couples, especially those in pastoral leadership. Women and men will find strong support and wisdom for healing sexual addiction in and outside of marriage through the discovery of powerful, personal insights about their life stories. Healing begins through honor and honesty about our life stories.

True North Ministries will provide consulting for churches interested in developing programs and culture to support relational healing.

Counseling & Consulting

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