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Board of Directors

David Halliburton.jpg

David Halliburton

President, Board of Directors

David Halliburton is the Community Life Pastor at Hope Church in Kalispell, Montana, with 30 years of experience. He oversees and facilitates community outreach, training great leaders, building effective teams, and leading individuals through personal healing. As someone who experienced sexual abuse as a child, his passion is to journey with the brokenhearted, engaging their stories of captivity, inviting Jesus's healing power to set them free. This desire birthed TrueNorth 406 Ministries, in which David acts as both the co-founder and President of the Board of Directors. This ministry exists to share the hope of freedom and transformation David has personally experienced and to provide a safe place for this healing work to continue. 

Dr. Mark and Lisa Ochenrider.jpg

Dr. Mark and Lisa Ochenrider

Board Members

Mark and Lisa Ochenrider and their five beloved children live in the Kalispell area. Mark is a Montana native and grew up in the Flathead Valley. He later spent several years in the Seattle area, initially attending medical school and then working as a physician before moving back to Kalispell. Mark continues to work as an internal medicine physician with his regional hospital in Kalispell.


Lisa is originally from Alaska, and she trained and worked as a registered nurse before pausing her nursing career with the birth of their first child. She now helps with their children’s education and teaches part-time at Heritage Academy.


They and their children love spending time with each other and their extended family and friends, and they enjoy sharing adventures in beautiful Montana outdoors.  

Kirk Kirlin.jpg

Kirk Kirlin

Board Member

In 1987 God called Kirk to walk with pastors and Christian influencers as a catalytic change agent. As a result, he began to equip, coach, and mentor pastors to be effective, influential leaders by focusing on their character. Also, he worked with congregations and their leaders to demonstrate the Gospel regularly, generously, and unconditionally to those outside the Church. The result is authentic, vulnerable, God-needy leaders who influence their congregations to live like missionaries wherever they are.


Kirk has been a Christ-follower for more than 40 years and ministers from a life experience replete with sorrows and surprises. He holds an M. Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary, an MBA from Harvard University, and a B.S. from Purdue University. Since 2000, he has served on the Refocusing Team of Novo (formerly “Church Resource Ministries”). His wife Annie received her Doctorate in Psychology in 2010 and has a private psychology practice specializing in Emotional Transformational Therapy (ETT). They have been married for 40 mostly glorious years and have six adult children.

Jon Cavigli.jpg

Jon Cavigli

Secretary of the Board

Jon Cavigli recently retired from 37 years of working in the Natural Resource field of Montana. He graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Fisheries Resources in 1980. He has thoroughly enjoyed the years raising and following his three sons in their adventures with his beautiful wife “Linder.” In his teen years, Jon became a follower of Jesus and has attended the same church in Kalispell, Montana, for the past 40 years. Jon and Linda have lived in the same comfortable home for 36 years of their 38-year marriage. The longevity of these categories of life has given him a long-term perspective on the fruit of consistency. He looks forward to serving in some way or form in his community well into his retirement years. Hiking, biking, reading anything weather-related, watching sports events, BBQ grilling, tending to his indoor plants, plum trees, and tropical fish with their friend “Pollock” the Goldfish are activities that make him smile.

Jon serves on the Elder Board of Hope Church and helps lead a significant community outreach called “Hope is Here.”

Tracie Scherer.jpg

Tracie Scherer

Treasurer of the Board

Tracie has been married to her wonderful husband, Frank, for over 31 years.  They have three grown children and a grandson! Together they have developed and stewarded a successful, local business for 19 years. She is also currently employed as the bookkeeper at Hope Church. In addition, you can often find her volunteering with children or youth and keeping everyone in line with her dry sense of humor.  Tracie loves spending time with her family, reading books, doing jigsaw puzzles, taking pictures of birds and beautiful scenery as well as taking nature walks.  She loves Jesus and always endeavors to reflect His character in all her being. 

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