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Pastoral leadership

There is a tremendous need for Pastoral Leadership to
understand how to accompany others through crises and trauma.
(Galatians 6:1-2) TrueNorth 406 exists to support churches to make
intentional space for those who are struggling. Our expertise in this comes
through ten years of personal healing.

Lay Leadership

TrueNorth 406 provides practical training and resources to
support lay leadership who engage church members needing a safe,
intentional, wise guide. Caring for others well is a learned skill.

Men, women, and couples in crises

When men, women, or couples are in
crisis, TrueNorth 406 will provide counseling. We have experience with
pastoral and narrative counseling and complement the journey with other
healing programs and resources.


The Church is to be the safe place for all to come entirely out of
hiding and reckon with heartache, trauma and to process grief, shame,
regret, and despair. It is to be a place of growth, responsible love, and
honesty with honor. Unfortunately, most churches do not understand how
to do this and therefore avoid it altogether. TrueNorth 406 will partner and
consult with churches that want to develop a healing culture.

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