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Living Waters Program FAQs

How is Living Waters presented? 

Living Waters is a 20-lesson program taught in a closed-group format. All group leaders are rigorously trained to facilitate meetings and committed to confidentiality. Though small groups are same gender only, large group worship, teaching and prayer is interwoven throughout the program. Most participants in Living Waters are new to the ministry, and occasionally selected participants are able to repeat the 20 week program.


Each session is focused on:

  • Worship: We focus our attention and praise on God rather than our problems.

  • The Word: Living Waters’ teachings combine biblical truths and psychological
    insights that help us to know God and ourselves better.

  • The works of Jesus: Through healing prayer in large and small group settings, we
    invite the Holy Spirit to heal our various wounds. We bring our sins, and those
    committed against us, to the Lord who is faithful to set us free.


What is the structure of small groups? 

Living Waters' small groups are broken up into male and female groups, and each weekly program lasts for one, 2.5-hour session over the course of 20 weeks.  The first hour-and-a-half is comprised of worship, testimony, teaching on one of the 20 lessons, and prayer. The last hour is designated for small groups.  Every small group has a leader, an assistant leader and five participants with unique backgrounds.  The practical format of the small group interactions may vary from week to week. At times, teaching and or testimony/prayer time prior to small group sessions will encourage one or more participants to share receive listening prayer, and this can vary from week to week.  


Healing prayer is the cornerstone of the Living Waters program.  Without effective healing prayer, Living Waters would be reduced to “just another recovery program.” We believe healing prayer is the key reason that Living Waters has a proven track record of success. Small groups are centered around a safe space to share in confession, which will facilitate the necessary first steps towards walking in freedom. 

What topics are covered in the program? 
Living Waters uses a detailed guidebook that includes teachings, questions and additional readings that help move individuals from brokenness to spiritual maturity. Topics addressed include:

  • Acknowledging need for God

  • Receiving God’s love

  • Discovering who we are designed to be as relational and sexual beings made in God’s image

  • The power of the cross and confession

  • Renouncing our idols

  • Reconciliation between men and woman

  • How to deal with the pain in your life

  • The power of forgiving others and ourselves

  • Learning how to set healthy boundaries

  • Healing of father, mother and foundational wounds

  • Healing from abuse

  • The roots of gender brokenness

  • Understanding and overcoming addiction

  • Embracing the church as our healing community

  • Building healthy relationships over the course of a lifetime

What is the cost of the program? Do participants have to be Christian?

The 20 weeks program fee is $275.00 and partial scholarships are available – the fee includes "Living Waters Guidebook" with 20 lessons, "Strengthen in Weakness" by Andy Comisky, and snacks and beverages.

What makes True North 406 different? 

Elizabeth and David’s personal experience with sexual brokenness and healing, combined with their extensive pastoral training, participants can expect that professionalism and transformation are at the center of True North’s ministry.

What kind of support will I receive? 

If receiving one-on-one counseling with Elizabeth or David, individuals will mentoring will be tailored. In the Living Waters program, participants will have access to their small group leader for the 20-week duration of the program.  

Will I be connected with a mentor? 

After the conclusion of the Living Waters program, participants are encouraged to find support and mentorship through their local church. Sustainability of the growth achieved in the program is dependent on participants having intentional community of support after the conclusion of the program.  


I’m concerned about remaining anonymous. What do you do to protect my confidentiality in this program? 

The program is centered around confidentiality, ensuring a trusted space to heal. Practical steps to ensure confidentiality are implemented, including first-name only referencing. All applications are reviewed by only the core leadership team, comprised of four individuals.


Can spouses or partners participate? 

Yes, we strongly encourage spouses to participate in both Living Waters and individual counseling.

I'm interested in participating and/or getting more information. 

Fill out the contact form and David and Elizabeth will get in touch with you!



We recommend the following resources for those beginning their healing journey. A simple internet search of the following will get you started toward a life changing experience: 

Recommended websites for those seeking healing: 

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Accountability Software:

Recommended Books:

"Redeeming Sex" by Debra Hirsch

"My peace I give You" by Dawn Eden

"Naked Surrender" by Andrew Comiskey
"Strength in Weakness" by Andrew Comiskey

"The Life Jesus Made Possible" by Bill Randall 
“The Wounded Heart" by Dan Allender 
"Unwanted" by Jay Springer

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