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TrueNorth 406 FAQs

What makes True North 406 different? 

Elizabeth and David’s personal experience with sexual brokenness and healing, combined with their extensive pastoral training, participants can expect that professionalism and transformation are at the center of True North’s ministry.

What kind of support will I receive? 

We start with one-on-one sessions to get to know you and your story and begin the healing journey.
These are scheduled in-person or virtual, depending on your location.


I’m concerned about remaining anonymous. What do you do to protect my confidentiality in this program? 

The program is centered around confidentiality, ensuring a trusted space to heal. We commit to never sharing anything that we hear during our work together with anyone, at any time, for any reason.

Can spouses or partners participate? 

Yes, we strongly encourage spouses to participate in both one-on-one and couples counseling.

I'm interested in participating and/or getting more information. 

Fill out the contact form and David and Elizabeth will get in touch with you!

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