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Our Story & Inspiration

According to recent Gallup studies, over 70% of Christian men and 30% of Christian women view porn regularly. We can no longer turn our heads and close our eyes to the pandemic and reality of people living in shame, loneliness and suffering. 

Our Story

Our Story

Finding True North: Our Story of Mercy and Redemption

For many years David and Elizabeth grappled and agonized over questions such as: Is there hope for a marriage when a spouse is addicted to pornography? Where can the spouse go for support? Can they risk being honest within the church? How do they step out of secrecy and isolation to find help? 

As a pastor, husband, and father, David lived in secrecy. Ten years of childhood abuse precipitated a battle with pornography that he concealed for 29 years. Out of God's mercy, his secret was exposed, leading him to a place of total surrender. David was asked to resign from his pastoral position, yet he and Elizabeth were encouraged to stay at the church to receive support as they pursued recovery.

Through the love and support of the church, David and Elizabeth began their journey toward recovery and healing. David found freedom as he was completely vulnerable with the scariest secrets of his life, that were deeply rooted in post-traumatic stress from years of abuse. Elizabeth experienced personal healing as well and grew through revelations about her own childhood. Through these personal discoveries and counseling they were able to restore trust in their marriage.

God’s heart penned in Scripture says He walks with us through our struggles rather than transporting us out of them. David discovered his addiction was as much about self-medication as it was a way of re-enacting the trauma of sexual abuse. Likewise, Elizabeth experienced healing and broke out of the unhealthy ecosystem of codependence. Both found strength in their weaknesses as God willingly entered their pain and healed them day-by-day.

Three and a half years later, David and Elizabeth’s story of hope continued when David rejoined the pastoral staff of their church. Today, they are known for their journey of mercy and redemption in the face of relational pain and betrayal. Because of their experience, they have a passion for providing a safe place for all to be honest and real. Their life chapter in the Bible is Isaiah 61, which is the blueprint for all that Truenorth 406 ministries offers. Their desire is to create a safe place for church leaders and members struggling with addiction. The truth is our brokenness does not separate us from the love of God but connects us to His love. Freedom, healing, and transformation come when we have a safe place to share our stories and suffering. David and Elizabeth have experienced this firsthand and want to empower others to do the same.

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About Elizabeth 

Elizabeth Halliburton is co-founder and Executive Director for TrueNorth 406 Ministries, where she oversees the development of the ministry. Isaiah 61 is Elizabeth's life chapter and the catalyst for her commitment to helping the local Church be a safe place for transformational healing. Her calling to engage the brokenhearted was birthed from her personal and marital story of healing and redemption. Being a pastor's wife and having stood by her husband through his journey, she is passionate about developing and facilitating a healing culture within the Church. Elizabeth facilitates Living Waters with David, consults with churches, pastors, lay leaders, offering training and pastoral counseling.

About David 

David Halliburton is the Community Life Pastor at Hope Church in Kalispell, Montana, with 30 years of experience. He oversees and facilitates community outreach, training great leaders, building effective teams, and leading individuals through personal healing. As someone who experienced sexual abuse as a child, his passion is to journey with the brokenhearted, engaging their stories of captivity, inviting Jesus's healing power to set them free. This desire birthed TrueNorth 406 Ministries, in which David acts as both the co-founder and President of the Board of Directors. This ministry exists to share the hope of freedom and transformation David has personally experienced and provide a safe place for this healing work to continue. 


Additionally, David serves as a member of the National Council for Desert Stream Ministries, where the Living Waters program originates and where David experienced firsthand the benefits. In this role, he participates in equipping church leaders and pastors to train and facilitate Living Waters in their churches. He is now certified to help those with sexual and relational brokenness as a pastoral counselor and guide with the "Unwanted" program. To read more about David's story, check out his piece in the Living Waters 2018 annual newsletter.

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