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According to recent Gallup studies, over 70% of Christian men and 30% of Christian women view porn regularly. We can no longer turn our heads and close our eyes to the pandemic and reality of people living in shame, loneliness and suffering. 

Mercy and Redemption

Suffering stems from the secrets we keep about our sexual struggles, abuse, addiction and trauma. Freedom, healing and transformation come when we get honest and are willing to share our stories.

As a pastor, husband and father, David lived in secrecy. Ten years of childhood abuse precipitated a battle with a concealed pornography addiction that lasted for 29 years. Out of God's mercy, his secret was exposed, thus leading him to a place of total surrender in the embrace of the Heavenly Father. 

Through the love and support of four Christian brothers and a faithful wife, David began the course toward recovery and journey of healing. He found he could be completely vulnerable with the deepest and scariest secrets of life, which were rooted in post-traumatic stress from years of childhood sexual abuse. David and Elizabeth's journey of redemption in the face of marital pain and betrayal gives them courage and authority for their ministry calling. 

About David 

David Halliburton is the Desert Stream Regional Leader, supporting Living Waters group coordinators in churches across Montana, Washington, and Oregon. The Living Waters 20-week experiential discipleship ministry provides the basis for a lifetime process of healing. 

As a pastor, David equips other church leaders and
pastors to launch Living Waters programs in their own communities, promote regional gatherings and encourage participation at national training conferences. Living
Waters has a proven 35-year reputation with cross-cultural relevance and is present on every continent.
To read more about David's story, check out his piece in the Living Waters 2018 annual newsletter

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